Hot Sauce With Maple Syrup

  • Introducing Tabarsauce

    A hot sauce that exudes both richness and tradition, proudly hailing from the beautiful Province of Quebec. This exceptional creation artfully combines the fiery essence of premium peppers with the smooth sweetness of pure maple syrup, resulting in a truly distinctive flavor experience.

  • Carefully crafted balance

    The initial burst of heat, masterfully calibrated to preserve the essence of each pepper, demands attention, while the subsequent wave of maple sweetness gently embraces the palate. As you continue to explore the nuances of Tabarsauce, its depth and finesse become evident. Hints of smokiness add an extra layer of complexity.

  • Elevates any dish

    Be it grilled meats or gourmet recipes, bring a touch of authenticity and warmth to every bite. Indulge in Tabarsauce, and allow its well-crafted blend of heat and maple sweetness to transport you to the heart of Quebec's culinary heritage. With each bite, you'll discover a piece of tradition and a taste that speaks to the soul.

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About the name

Language, in its diverse beauty, sometimes gives rise to words that defy traditional grammatical categories. In the Province of Quebec, the word "Tabarnak" holds a unique place as a versatile swear word. It can function as a noun, adverb, verb, exclamation, and more. However, it's worth noting that "Tabarnak" is considered a strong swear word with significant emotional impact.

In response to the sensitivity surrounding its usage, variations like "Tabarouette" or "Tabarslak" have emerged as alternative expressions to convey similar sentiments while avoiding explicit swearing. These variants offer a way to navigate the linguistic landscape with more discretion, maintaining the colorful nature of the language while respecting social boundaries.

Tabarsauce, it's that good!

The legend

In the heart of a quaint, secluded village nestled amidst the verdant forests of the mid-1800s, a legend whispered among a chosen few. It spoke of a mysterious and audacious sugar shack operator who dared to defy tradition. Once used solely for boiling down sap to create maple syrup, the sugar shack's boiler transformed into a vessel of alchemical experimentation...

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